So why the name “Consciously Catholic”?  After 30 years, I realized I didn’t actually know that much about my faith, nor did I utilize it in my everyday life. Being catholic isn’t simply a title given by the church I attend, it’s a way of living life.  Our faith should determine decisions we make on a daily basis, however, I hadn’t really been seeing it that way and believe there are many more who experience the same absence of faith by simply going through the motions. We attend mass on Sunday’s, usually miss holy days of obligation and just chug through life with a mostly secular influence determining our habits and choices.

When I began viewing my life through my faith and started really diving in to church teaching, I found a great deal of joy, contentment and purpose. Jesus demands much of us and living the catholic faith can be difficult but the rewards are abundant and eternal. I created Consciously Catholic to keep myself accountable, to continue learning, and to provide a space for others who may be going through the motions but not truly realizing the beauty of our faith.

A little about myself; I live on a farm in Nebraska with my handsome husband and spend my days joyfully/exhaustingly chasing four little children around. I am currently attempting to potty train child number 3 and can use all the prayers you can spare.

I enjoy attempting to bake and cook, fitness (no really, I do), contemplating life’s big questions, reading up pre-World War II eugenics, spending some quality time with horses  and all things football.